B&B Lanterna delle Fate is ready to provide all the information on events and entertainment. In this section we mention only some of the events that will cheer your holidays: CAROLINGIAN FAIR, SIEGE OF CANELLI, AZZANO ON FIRE, THE DOUJA D’OR, FESTIVAL OF SAGRE, PALIO OF ASTI. To have a full vision of everything that the cities and countries of Langhe, Monferrato and Roero offer, please visit the Tourist Portals.



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ASTI / The first Wednesday of May the oldest and largest fair of Asti, originated in the fourteenth century to celebrate the Saint Patron of Asti, San Secondo. It certainly is one of the largest, long-lived and important fair in Piedmont. During all day, all the streets in the center of Asti are full of stalls with items for all tastes. This appointment is strongly felt not by all the inhabitants, and not only.


CANELLI (AT) / In June. The reenactment of the Siege of Canelli – year 1613 kicks off from a well-documented historical fact that forms part of the war for succession of the Duchy of Monferrato (1613-1617). The Siege of Canelli is an historical event which is clearly different from others. The visitor will not be a mere spectator, the reconstructed historical facts will involve and make the people participant of the event. Consequently there are some general rules, tips and information that should be known and followed before venturing into the besieged village.


AZZANO D’ASTI / In July On February 1, 1155 Frederick Barbarossa and his troops descended on Asti abandoned by its inhabitants and destroyed it. The fire lasted for days and days. In Azzano, from generation to generation, has been handed down an history not documented but probably with some truth: Frederick Barbarossa burned Azzano immediately after Asti. Since 2006, “Azzano on fire”, recalls this event with increasing number of visitors.


ASTI / In September, ten days of cultural events, food and discussion to learn about wine and his whole world. Founded in 1967 by the will of the Chamber of Commerce of Asti and in collaboration with the ONAV (National Organization of Wine Tasters), the Douja d’Or has more than 1.000 Italian wines in the competition and the winners are tasted and sold at the site of the event. Do not miss the tasting nights where wines and typical Italian products meet creating unusual combinations


ASTI /  The second Sunday in September, for more than 39 years, more than 40 pro-site of Asti present their food specialties accompanied by DOC wines from Asti, severed outdoors in a setting surrounded by long tables, mellow that synthesize the various villages and a lot of fun. Do not miss the parade on Sunday morning, more than three thousand people alive the past with authentic costumes, tractors and tools of old crafts, keeping a direct line between the values and traditions of this magnificent land


ASTI / On the first Sunday of September the first mention of the race of the Palio of Asti dates back to 1275, since then every year on the third Sunday of September, the village lives with excitement three laps of the track in which the jockeys of the 21 districts of Asti struggling to win the legendary drape: the Palio. The Palio is not just the horse race bareback, it is also historicity: 1200 characters together in a procession that recalls moments of medieval life in a path running through the streets of old town. The festival begins on Thursday with the Palio of the Flag-waves, and continues on Friday with the fair of gadgets and souvenirs of the districts of Asti, to flow into the Saturday night for the propitiatory dinner,  and last Sunday….There is the Palio!!!


ALBA / Every Saturday and Sunday from October to November (hours 09.00 – 20.00), all fans will have the opportunity to know, touch, smell and buy many truffles. Square demonstrations, food and wine, culture and music, sports and markets..